Hair loss is not easy to deal with, which is usually aggravated by numerous factors including stress, poor diet and environmental conditions. Even as millions of people around the world have to contend with this, there are still no treatments that can completely stop the appearance for unattractive baldness patterns. This has forced the people to opt for viable operative solutions like undergoing hair transplant procedure. However, it is impossible for every individual to undergo this procedure until and unless they get a thorough consultation from a reliable clinic.

Hair transplant clinic is the best choice and is more preferable than a general cosmetic surgery clinic, as more and more people are exposed to both traditional and emergent hair transplant treatments available in the market. It is very important to find an appropriate clinic as only then you can get the right treatment for your hair loss in the early stages. Now choose your desired and best hair transplant centre from the below list that you are longing for.

Radiance Hair loss treatment centre:

Radiiance- an advanced hair transplant centre – offers the real scientific transplantation services to the clients, which change your look form bald to bold. Their highly skilled team of hair transplant doctors will guide you with the best hair transplant techniques that suit you the most. All the treatments provided at Radiiance are cost effective and are performed under the supervision of professional doctors. They take immense pride in order to ensure the clients with high quality clinical care services at all levels of hair loss treatments.

Trichos Hair Transplant Institute and research centre:

Trichos is a leading hair transplant institute and research centre, that consists of clinical dermatologists, active physicians, and analysis scientists concerned within the study of hair biology, clinical hair disorders and their management. As a well-known hair transplant clinical centre in Hyderabad, they perform nearly 2500 transplantations along with the scalp, hair transplant corrections, moustache & beard, even eyebrow hair transplant for women. They are also offering free online consultation services through Whatsapp or regular phone call.

Advanced Hair studio:

Advanced Hair studio- a reputed hair restoration company- has expertise in providing hair loss treatments and hair growth solutions for any type and stage of hair loss. They ensure the best and the most advanced hair treatment by providing outstanding services for the both existing as well as new clients. They make efforts to fully comprehend the trauma associated with your hair loss and accordingly suggest you the pertinent treatment from a myriad of hair growth solutions.


Hairsure is one of the best hair transplant centres in Hyderabad. They cater to a long list of clients with their effectual hair transplant procedures and treatment for various hair problems. Their qualified team of professional doctors is dedicated to provide resources and support to those who are desperately searching for effective treatments. They also provide proper medication to prevent your hair loss along with arresting further progression of baldness.


Hairxcare is another renowned hair transplant centre offering efficient hair loss treatment for both men and women according the stage of hair loss. They are experts in providing hair transplantation services for different body parts like Moustache, bald head, beard and eyebrows. The team of experienced hair transplant surgeons at Hairxcare helps in providing the most advanced techniques like BIO-FUE and treatments.

Dr.Madhu’s Advanced Hair Transplant Centre:

Dr. Madhu- India’s first hair transplant specialist who is certified by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery- is an expert in providing medical treatment that prevents hair loss and baldness. His hair transplant centre is equipped with advanced techniques for hair restoration with a high professional team of surgeons, which helps them to notch up successful hair transplant surgeries to their credit.

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