If web designing is the soul that makes a website look beautiful, web development is the heart. Both have to be welded to bring out the best in web pages of a site. The basic layout and the visual elements fall under the onus of web designers whereas the dynamic elements that bring life to the site lie under the onus of the web developers. But at the end, they are the two side of a same coin – one is not complete without the other.

Web Designing for Look that Matters

Literally it all begins with a pencil and a paper for graphic designers who lay out the framework and scheme. Next in line are the web designers who have the screen as its canvas. Their prime focus is to make the landing page or the home page of the site appear the most attractive and interactive than the rest of the pages; the retention rate of the visitors depend much on the first page than the sub pages.

Web designing is an art that includes –

  • Color scheme of the site

  • Right placement of the content

  • Proper placement of interactive tools

  • Layout manipulation for adjustment to any kind of screen space (laptop, smart phones, tablets)

  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, technical tools and software

The scope of website designing is vast and the right know-how is must to design a global standard website. We are happy to have talented techies to provide you with the best of web design services in Gujarat. Right at inception you can get in touch with experts who will give you best of solutions in graphic design services in Gujarat.

Web Development for Dynamic Feel

Web developers focus more on the non-designing aspects. They work on the static structure of a web design and make it livelier, interactive and functional. Web development refers to coding, programming, and client/ server-side scripting. The prime processes of web development include –

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Network Security Configuration

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Get the Best in the Business

Now when you talk business, you mean success. Success can only be guaranteed when you have the perfect infrastructure of the business and hire the best professional experts.

Imagine you have a shabby kind of office in an unknown and obscure locale and you look for the very first customer to step in. Don’t you think it would be difficult? Even if few steps in, the look of the office will be deterrent to your business. Your website is just the same.

Websites must look beautiful and dynamic and has to found out by millions of netizens to garner traffic and profitable business results. This justifies why web designing, web development and search engine optimization (SEO) have to go hand-in-hand.

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