Growing hair after hair loss is probably a difficult task. According to a study, Approximately 88 million men and women face hair loss at some stage of their lives. A new study has contributed to getting people out of the hair loss worry. The scientists have come out with a method that will surely provide results for the problem of androgenetic alopecia or hair loss. One of the dermatologists, Dr. Edidiong believes that the reason why hair loss happens is still hidden and unknown. But, now we have a drug (a medicine) to solve this problem. This means that this new drug is a sure short way for the treatment of hair loss and can definitely solve the biggest worry of both males and females in today’s generation. The scientists have found out a third drug which they have just tested in the lab and not on humans. But this definitely gives a new ray of hope.

Medicines Encouraging Hair Growth

Hair loss has come into existence from the time, the humans have existed but we have been able to find its cure only in the last 40 years. All the people having hair loss have access to it. But every person has a different hair type and so it becomes impossible to treat every hair type with the same medicine. One of the medicines which were introduced in 1989 has played a significant role in this issue. It was basically introduced for the treatment of ulcers but hair growth came hand in hand. This drug is named Rogaine or Minoxidil.

An oral medication in form of tablets is also available, known as Finasteride. Just like the Rogaine, this medicine was not found out to treat hair loss; It was developed for the treatment of enlarged prostates.

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In comparison to Rogaine, Finasteride has not been able to mark the standards due to the side effects of taking it. The women are not supposed to take this oral medication to prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth. Taking this medicine can cause hindrances during pregnancy. Also, people taking this medication are not supposed to donate or give blood.

Introduction of a new Drug

The scientists have been able to find a new key to the lock of hair loss and have thus, found a new drug to encourage hair growth. This drug will surely clear the misconceptions of people who think that a drug can not cure the problem of hair loss. This medication contains a drug that is used to treat osteoporosis. This drug will stop the activeness of SFRP1. This protein plays an important role in disabling the follicles from growing hair. But again this study that says that the reduction of protein helped in hair growth was done in a lab instead of doing it on the live humans. The scientists cannot be sure of how this drug will react on humans.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Transplanting hair involves the removal of hair from the area on which you already have hair to the portion where you have less or no hair. In the surgery, the scalp is first cleaned and then the back of the head is made numb. The scalp becomes very tender after the treatment and pain medication is needed for several days. Transplants have some risks and they involve bleeding and infections. The transplanted hair will fall within 2 – 3 weeks, but the growth of hair will start in few months.

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Article Author: MANVI GUPTA